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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 27, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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jdtqi7r' the lod neighborhoods, cloudy and dry, low to mid 40s, 50 at noon, you can see it will be mainly sunny and sáéix&z, low to mid 50s by 4:00c>d, the coast is where we will have cloudy conditions again like everybody else and mid to upper 40s this morning. near 50 at noon, clouds opening up to mostly sunny conditions this afternoon and temperatures ranging from 46 to 50 all of us drop back into the low to mid 40s once the sunsets through 7:00. ran on the way tomorrow and saturday coming up in the nextgp forecast. n,h$qbg overturned vehicle southbound 680 at coopman sunol grade off-ramp the highway injuries involved ambulance en route update in a couple of minutes.nó;g elsewhere busy not bad a little more crowded westbound 80 east shore commute between
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golden gate fields and macarthur maze once you funnel into the bay bridge toll no problems southbound golden gate bridge busier no delays at the limit across the span touu8u san jose north 87 pt the hp pavilion nice looking ride. this morning, a peninsula thousands of pieces mail is due to appear in a courtroom.yyn terry mcsweeney joins us live with how investigators say>;sr e carried out the crimes. jk matsch -yñ the -- mail a postal carrier he just not delivered it that would be#2"0n one thing it is wt he did after that got him in trouble. natan of san bruno he has been charged with credit card forgely, id theft, possession of stolen goods and more this delivered
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mail in san carlos, san mateo k prosecutors say he stole 3,000 pieces of mail, got the information from it, applied for credit cards, got them, then went+rñ shopping. the d.a. wants to deliver natan tocáo prison. >> may not be a scheme that had some success, not for long, we know it was a couple months, november, december, they were doing it before that? hard to gauge. >> hopefully this is isolated and it is nazis tell mick throughout the postal service. -- and it is not systemic throughout the postal service. >> reporter: he's accused of giving stolen cs to three friends they were caught, one turned him in. d.a. cessna tan appears in -- says natan appears in videos he is being held on $150,000 bail, going to be in court today will see where the case stands then preliminary
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hearing january 7th. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. san jose police investigating a gang- ed shooting after 8:30 -- gang shooting after 8:30 last night. police fond a man suffering from a gunshot wound an ambulance took him to the hospital. -- the search continues this morning for the gunman. san francisco woman charged with killing a pedestrian during a hit-and-runsíj$ at twin peaks bk in court next monday 23-year-old ginagñ&xm÷ eunice remains in jail charged with felony dui and gross vehicular manslaughter. she did not enter a plea yesterday. she is accused of being behind the wheel, drunk then taking off after plowing her car into a group of pedestrians last week a woman die at the hospital. eunice's bail was set at two million dollars. state -- state investigators plan to look
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life of a construct worker. worker. firefighters had to use ropes and special rescue basket to reach the victim he died after if you are heading down the california coast today traffic alert. caltrans will be allowing controlled traffic only through a major rock slide area near big sur this morning. boulders and road damage closed a stretch of highway 1 from the big sur inn, south to lucia sunday the slide area remains active, caltrans will control one lane for use at 8 a.m., noon and 4 p.m. today. in east palo alto, water district workers keeping a close eyeßx on san francisquito creek. earlier this week the creek flooded causing evacuation of seven homes and a levee to leak. repairs have been made to the levee, so far, so good. >> it is looking fine as long
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as we don't get any more precipitation we are not anticipating any more downpours./qr=(z we are assessing damage. >> residents say the flooding happens all the time. city officials are aware and qk a public works t scheduled f9##x the spring will fixv
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welcome back. dress for 40 napa, fairfield, everybody else mid to upper
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40s. low to midv)@ 50s wçñd:-?o ing sunshine this afternoon. cloudy now, sunny this afternoon. é system brs tomorrow morning, light rain in the afternoon and evening, dublin/s?wñ pleasanton interchange, 580/680 earlier accident off to the shoulder not blocking traffic. with injury accident ambulance en route not seeing slowing there. san francisco southbound great vote, look at bay brididz -- slow traffic beginning to build on the incline section towards treasure island intoag% san francisco.
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-- new video showing a christmas day tornado as it happen. we'll show it to you. >> late night effort to bring a pit bull to state after he wandered from home.
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welcome back. live doppler, a lot of cloud cover no radar returns air is dry this morning clouds keeping temperatures up and the fog away as were some breezes earlier since then they've calmed down fastest 21 miles per hour gusting at half moon bay rest of us eight miles per hour or less. visibility fine, once the sun
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breaks through the clouds starting after 7:00, it will keep winning and clouds will keep dissipating dry this afternoon, low to mid 50s. just released surveillance video shows the christmas day tornado that hit mobile, alabama this is outside a walgreens store you can see the wind before thea@bw' storm strikes then ÷vw3rjrvt everywhere. national weather service now sz ef-2 meaning winds up to 135 miles an hour is that right? that's right the storm is art of the same system blamed for 12 deaths. oregon pit bull is safe after a late into the rescue. chico wandered off his owner's  portland this week nowhere to be found until yesterday when his owner heard him barking and phone him down
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firefighters responded and had to repel down to him they handed him treats and loaded him on to a nearby boat and took him) scared he's said to be okay. majority of americans approve of president obama's job performance. new cnn poll finds 52% of americans approve of the president's job performance. 43% disapprove. the poll asked how the country feels about the first lady? she enjoys a 73% approval rating, 20% disapprove. outgoing secretary of state hillary clinton also popular, 66% job performance rating, 30% disapprove. russian president vladimir putin just announced he will sign a bill banning americans from adopting russian ssji9ñ in a televised address, putin said he doesn't see any reason not to sign it. putin says united states
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authorities deny russia access come to america. unicef estimates there are 740,000 children without uxc¢áhr' russia. they appreciate the thought but the word from local leaders is stop, when it2"2dm0qj to sending gifts to their town leaders say they appreciate it butq6v÷ their smal community is overwhelmed by the gifts. several streets are lined witheñ shrines as items keep pouring in they are filling up local warehouses. on the upside united way says the fund has grown to 3 1/2 million dollars.d3÷ if you can still donate to that found there's a link on -- to that fund there's a link onj@s÷ mike keeping an eye on things, quiet for once in a long time. >> quiet commute for folks
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afternoon. from mount tamalpais this morning, sausalito, tiburon to san francisco and points south air is clean, clouds on live doppler 7 hd, we are not seeing anything in the way of rainfall, checking out all of the major airports across the country, on time, except fought. -- and ft. lauderdale. thanks for sending us pictures. this was sent in by charlie from martinez, nice rainbow over martinez, beautiful, beautifulhwók picture, thank you charlie. we'll have more in the next half hour. dress for 39 fairfield,
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everybody else in the 40s until you get to half moon bay at 50. 50 monterey, everybody else around the monterey bay inland low to mid 40s. brighter and dry today. light rain back in the forecast, light rain for tomorrow and showers for saturday, extended dry period, three days this time instead of one. here's the reason why we get one today, high pressure over the ocean slowly moving in on the periphery we have clouds those will dissipate as the high gives us a break from the rain,!jw mostly sune afternoon. as we jump ahead to tomorrow, sprinkles in the morning, steadier rain starts to move in during the afternoon and evening. if you have friday evening plans be prepared for wet weather. it could get light to possibly moderate, it going to be a very, very quiet system as far as anything adverse coming out of it, won't have fast winds,
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fairly light rain, it will have snowfall potential down to about 4,000 feet. temperatures today, in the low to mid 50s close to where we should be. tomorrow light rain during the afternoon, evening, scattered showers possible saturday sunday driest day, warmest, mid 50s, upper 50s new year's eve, before tuesday into wednesday, cools with rain again wednesday. have a great day, here's sue. south 101 looking good towards lucas valley road, around the corner at freitas parkway towards the civic center, no delays on waldo or golden gate, good ride with vacation week, a lot of folks, southbound 80 coopman off-ramp injury overturn on the sunol grade out of the main lanes, green sensors, getting by fine new accidentx:xzsouth 20 at 101 in san jose cleared. if you look at our waze app
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this is 580 westbound, accident on the shoulder at the 580/680 interchange, moderate traffic sensors showing traffic backed to hacienda westbound 580. download this app it is free. groceries for guns. response in one california city after police offer to pay for firearms. beyond sticker price. michael finney and consumer reports with what else you should be looking at what it time to buy that new car.
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check out doppler radar fairly quiet to most areas a few scattered rain and snow showers to our north little snow in the grapevine and snow showers in the sierra, low 40s today. 51 sacramento, increasing sun,
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60 fresno and big sur, mid 60s l.a., palm springs and san diego. safe travels. here's eric and katie. just about 6:24. the end of the year is typically a great time to buy a new car as dealers offer deals for 2013 models. >> you should be paying attention to much more than just the sticker price. >> reporter: good morning. now is a great time to buy a 2013 car, consumer reports says you can save hundreds if you take advantage of end of the month as well as end of the year deals. there's more to getting a good price. consumer reports out with this latest list of best value cars. sticker price is one thing. how much will a car really cost? the nissan versa is one of the least expensive. poor reliability means it could cost you in the"ñ long run. turn out paying $500 more for
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the hyundai accent with better value and reliability and much nicer. consumer reports just out with list of best new car values. >> our value scores are based on three elements, road test scores, predicted reliability from annual auto survey and how much it will cost to own the car for five years. >> reporter: consumer reports says toyota prius offers best value)?kñ sticker price un$30,0. prius economical, 49 cents a mile on the other end the bmw 750 almost $100,000, it costs $1.80 to own, worst value on the list. >> every category from small cars to suv's have good and bad. small suv or minivan.
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>> reporter: some good choices include toyota sienna and mazda 5. next time you are shopping for a car pick one that will save you money in the long run if you are looking for a smaller vehicle the mini cooper's base model another great value, 49 cents a mile to own and plenty of luxury features and a lot of fun to drive. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. still ahead, taking guns off the street. long line of cars in one california city after police offered to pay for firearms. shopping scare caught on camera. what led hunts to stampede out of a -- what led hundreds to stampede out of a mall. i'm amy hollyfield live in walnut creek the latest coming up. live look at light bay bridge toll, holiday light, a lot of folks on vacation
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staying home and we've got a little slowing on upper deck once you get past the toll plaza not a bad ride more coming up after the break on
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breaking news from walnut creek. a man is dead after officers opened fire on him at an apartment complex overnight. >> amy hollyfield joins us live from the walnut creek police department where investigators are getting ready to update us. >> reporter: they have confirmed they did shoot and kill adn÷!j man overnight. the police captain has just stepped out here to give us an update. i want to turn it over to him and ask him what he has on the qé captain, can you tell us what you have?
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>> yeah, i don't have any new information or additional information. i do -- why don't we wait for everybody and do it all at once. >> reporter: okay, we are on the air now. can you just give us the latest information that you stepped out to give? >> the latest information is that there is no new information other than what i previously stated, officer-involved shooting, officers are okay, there is a suspect deceased and we are still working through the investigation. >> reporter: captain, thank you. at this time, police are not saying why they shot the man or whether he was armed what he did to make officers feel like they were being threatened. they got the call 3:15 this morning, 911 call, they could hear screamingç=2÷ in the background. they went to an apartment complex on creek side drive. at 3:19 shots were fired. the man did die. the officers were all okay, no
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officers were injured this is the briefing they gave us a few moments ago. you heard the captain is here again but says he doesn't have new information. police officers are still on the scene investigating. i'm going to step aside and listen as he briefs other reporters to see if anything as you heard him say nothing new. we will stay and bring you the latest when we get it. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 6:31. time for a check on the forecast, break in the rain and enjoying the heck out of it. it won't last, very active pattern. good morning. a little break today from the wet weather, still have cloud cover this morning, no radar returns the air is too dry, mid to upper 40s bay through 7:00 mostly cloudy, mostly sunny by the afternoon, low to mid 50s, inland starting off with cloudy, dry, low to mid
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50s, i should say low to mid 40s, low to mid 50s sunny by 4:00, the coast is cloudy now, mid to upper 40s, mainly in the mid 40s to neart3% 50 with increasing sunshine through the 4:00 hour. rain back in the forecast, i'll have that coming up. first traffic. coming out of southern marin, sausalito, waldo grade through the tunnel across the golden gate bridge nice conditions. four lanes southbound for typical commute, two lanes northbound. fog-free clear ride there. busier but still moving at the limit, 80 westbound some slowing where 580 and 80 merge, a little slow traffic then picks up and eases in nicely into the macarthur maze no delays at the bay bridge֖k tol. heading to return things at malls or shop, if you have to work today, bart, muni, caltrain checking in with all
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mass transit, no delays. here's a look at some of your drives headed out light conditions up and over the altamont highway 4 westbound the macarthur maze just about 20 minutes. developing news out of brentwood pg&e crews just pinched off a leak that forced evacuation of several homes. crews plan to remain on scene all day to repair the ruptured pipe. pg&e emphasizes that the hraoeblg never posed damage to homes. resident alerted the fire department and pg&e after smelling an overpowering smell of gas around 7:00 last night. strong reading of gas was picked up near a transformer box. mail carrier will appear in court later today to face in san mateo county. daly city police arrested uáried to
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use stolen credit cards at a target store. he obtained the cars after filling out applications sent in san carlos. the d.a.íf+r suspects he snatcd up to 3,000 pieces of mail.;uctc >> you and i as victims may not know there was a credit card envelope taken out of my mail and somebody filled it out and put my name on it and got a credit card >> terrible thing to happen, especially during the season friends face charges. police say they purchased items with stolen credit cards. san francisco police have napped a group of shoplifters thefts. a gymboree store with an empty>% bag full of merchandise. the hope is that other retailers havekíxz captured he's women on surveillance and can help convict them for what is believed to be a string of store thefts. n%yau sacramento police say r
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teenagers are under arrest this morning after creating panic at a popular mall you mall. police say a group of about 20 teenagers started fighting in the food court yesterday then ran through the mall,:]i$k knocg over signs andv4 shoppers. some thought a gunman was firing shots, that was not the case. no one was seriously hurt, just scared. a gun buy-back event in los angeles is being called a huge success. people in cars lined up for miles yesterday to turn in firearms. the event is held usually in the spring, l. -- l.a.'s mayor moved it up to fnn,y advantage over the out raj of the con cutt sn-k=fñ massacre. -- outrage of the con cutt school massacre. water at coyote dam and lake
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sonoma to make room for future rain wind and rain battered and toppled trees around the bay, berkeley police provided this picture it shows part of a tree that fell on a moving patrol car. the officer inside escaped unharmed this happened an long dwight way yesterday with a couple loud cracking sounds and saw pedestrians pointing upward and couple small branches fell on my windshield, blocked my view, i hit the brakes, abs activated, car stopped, tree fell on top of the car. >> local arborist blames high winds. >> especially swirling winds that aren't coming the standard direction can cause a lot of damage. >> this tree fell into a creek in east palo alto a few feet from homes that already face the danger of rising flood weerts over the weekend. 6:36. traffic and weather together,
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next. -- live look outside, pavement and cars streaming into san francisco. there's a storm out there lurking meteorologist mike forecast, sue is covering your traffic. late night trip for president obama as he gets ready to confront the fiscal cliff facing the nation.
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radar and satellite, a lot of cloud cover8dgcu radar try air now good -- dry air, good news if you are tired of the rain. tonight cooler than this morning more 30s inland, 30s and low 40s around the bay and towards the coast. chance of drizzle maybe a few
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sprinkles tomorrow morning. light rain tomorrow afternoon into the evening, scattered showers saturday, dry, brighter and slightly warmer sunday. good morning many happy thursday. light traffic conditions. we have an injury accident with an overturn on theb?07v off-ramp south 680 at coopman, crews on scene i'my1w' not seeig significant slowing past that accident. southbound great highway in san francisco closed lincoln way to sloat due to drifting sand. some of your drive times right now, 24 from walnut creek, 101 out of santa rosa to novato, 680 corridor to the 580 junction moving at the limit, 15 minutes. >> san mateo bridge looking good, as you make your way 'dd the other direction as well. 6:40. still ahead, president obama makes his return to the
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nation's capital tall-his hawaiian vacation. live look at the big board, dow is up, just barely. we go live to the new york stock exchange coming up.
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welcome back. 6:44. live doppler 7 hd mixed in with all other radars around the state, a few returns up to the north going to fall apart by the time they get here, little snow in the grapevine otherwise quiet, mid 60s los angeles, san diego and palm springs upper 50s increasing sun, fresno, big sur, 51 sacramento, low
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40s high country,w'r÷ 41 tahoe2 yosemite. time to check in with josh elliot for a look
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everything is going to be all right people coming up on gma. the popcorn when it is drrj fresh, i'm just saying fresh does not[rí-z equal kind of on the topi7w+tw ths morning good news in the battle against childhood obesity new data showå3q slight drop in the number of preschoolers from low income researchers credit the decline on more physical activity, higher rates of the breast-feeding.lz
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time this morning. the president cut short his holiday vacation. democrats and republicansqló hae four days to reach a+%sxç deal before mandatory budget cuts and tax increases kick in on netflix wants to get into the social networking game. >> new ceo of yahoo plans to make appearance at upcoming electronics show in las vegas. goodúç morning ellen. good morning. the big consumer electronics of -- marissa mayer, a lot of hope she is expected to be there. she is an ing partiesanañ, one-on-one meetings trying -- trying to reestablish the sometimes rocky relationship that yahoo has had with 17 minutes into the trading session little change, we are seeing gains, for the dow, for
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the nasdaq as well as s&p. bloomberg index has been in the negative since we opened, a lot of wait and see about what is going to happen now that the president and congress are returning to washington today to deal with fukushima daiichi -- to deal with the fiscal omq= cliff issu. retailers are doing a better job of controlling inventories, macy's and abercrombie & fitch don't have as much merchandise leftover they need to clear out.÷s+0t netflix trying if get more social, it is waiting for president obama to sign a bill passed by congress that removes restrictions on companies sharing video rental history, once it is allowed to do that netflix users will be able to share information with >m facebook that is business news live at the new york stock exchange, ellen brightman, bloomberg .
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mike is here with a look at the forecast and our little bitty break. >> you are coming up with a lot of neat technical terms. little bitty break, like that.wy the rain. can see cloud cover starting to open up=/w, as we k down to the south from our roof cam at the embarcadero center with the lights still on, ferry building to the bay bridge, good news, no rain out of these clouds. doppler tracking waiting for anything to fall, it is not going to happen. no rain, so thin they will dissipate as we head through the afternoon,zc'u increasiypz sunshine today, yesterday we talked about a rainbow day me some of your pictures and you this was from brentwood yesterday morning.
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this one spanning the bay bridge this was from mission bay across the bay bridge , in by anonymous, thank you. right now temperature-wise most of us in the 40s, fairfield 39, half moon bay 50. san jose, 42°, 46 oakland, 48 san francisco, san rafael, 41 concord and livermore.1s?@z gilroy 44 and monterey 50. ready for a break from the wet weather? sunshine, recharge batteries today, dry day, light rain back tomorrow lingering showers saturday, then sunday, monday, tuesday,í]nt three dayf dry weather in the forecast. high pressure taking over now, periphery still cloudy, that is going to change into the afternoon hours and high gets
6:50 am
zvnñh dr air start to move in tomorrow sprinkles in the morning, light rain in the afternoon, for your evening hours late rain8h> around overnight into saturday morning and then it becomes scattered, really light showers saturday afternoon, snow level down to 4,000 feet,z coolest saturday low 50s, mid and upper 50s new year's eve, new)biv. year's day, dry and sed of january, wednesday,9háñ anotr chance of showers. live look at golden gate fog-free, clear the roadway is dry and traffic is very light coming from marin at this hour. no issues at toll or into san francisco, accident still on the shoulder, awaiting a tow truck south 280 at 101, just a couple of yellows approaching the scene, minor3[fe junction, eastbound reverse
6:51 am
commute at livermore truck ]q, i'm still not seeing any slow traffic that direction eastbound north 680 at crow canyon san ramon accident just moved to the shoulder, a bit of slow traffic until they get that cleared. 84 coopman there is an accident temporary blocking off-ramp until they get it cleared. 6:52 lance armstrong has imposed by cycling's highest authority. armstrong lost his seven titles decemberç;óú 6th, when te international cycling union banned him from theu;xí sport fr life. penalties came after the anti-doping agency hit him with similar sanctions for using banned substances he did not appeal and it appears he won't challenge this latest ban either. still ahead, five things
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to know before you go. 60 seconds.
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you are looking live at mount tam,kv)-l beautiful sky, n starting to come up those are clouds but not the kind that are going to drop rain todayo)oz it is your break so enjoy itu:b here areg/s34ç five things o know before you go: number one, breaking news, police on the scene of a deadly officer-involved shooting in walnut creek. officers responding to a 911 call shot and9mm killed a man this morning at an apartment complex on creek side drive near south main. dz'm$nother news conference scheduled for later this morning. two, pg&e crews pinched)]-9v off gas leak in'áíñ brentwood a short time ago several homes evacuated last
6:54 am
night. crews expect to spend the day repairing the damaged line. >> number three, postal sñ stealing mail along his route. it is believed romeo natan stole credit cards. number fourt%-r4z, former president george h.w. bush in garred condition in intensive care in thej6n;[ a month following complications from bronchitis.úl state takes on bowling green in the military bowl this afternoon. the spartans fresh off 10-2 season. kickoff noon pacific time. u get a final check of your forecast. windy for that game, temperature aroundéu@v 39°, at least noteakw snow they had
6:55 am
2wjjjzt her spinning around, checking outwáç cloud cover, no radar returns. right now all airports okay. sunshine, a break from the rain today, 50 coast, rest of us in the low to mid 50s,=lñp [lyd÷ forecast for tomorrow. we'll be here with live doppler. live look at bay bridge toll, it is holiday light, cars breezing through, a little sluggish on upper deck, not bad, to+cñún san jose,ii 280 northbound headlights up towards cupertino passing 17 here as you make your way out of san jose northbound. couple problems north 680 at juu on right shoulder getting reports of southboundz/&+ 680 the'ou danvie area that oneiaw iséf%iñ blocka slowing as you make your way
6:56 am
pleasanton interchange. all mass transit holiday light, on a regular schedule, everybody is on time.y?sñ thank you for joining us for the abc7 moráxp which continues in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning america." or tablet this holiday season, download our host of free apps it is our gift to you. download our÷ alarm clock app.
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good morning, america. developing overnight, winter wallop. a massive blizzard slamming the middle of the country. more than a foot and a half of snow in some areas falling. flights canceled from coast-to-coast. hundreds of thousands of people without power. the storm, now, hitting the northeast. and our extreme weather team is live in the storm zone. caught on tape. police reveal dramatic, new video of an escalating dispute over president obama. one man holding another at gunpoint. >> step away. >> did the cops arrive just in time to save a veteran's life? shopping mall shocker. a real-life jaws moment. when an


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